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How to avoid postponing task

No one is exempted when it comes to postponing or delaying task, especially when you feel like spending your free time doing something else like engaging in social media, watching a movie or hanging out with friends.

Engaging in those activities would allow you delay major tasks and by doing so, you end up without doing the task which may eventually lead to you panicking.

Delaying or Postponing a particular task till your desired time defines procrastination. Notice I used desired time, because you end up doing such task meant to be done at an appropriate time untill when you choose to do it which may due to some reasons.

Reasons for procrastinating:

  • Insufficient sleep: Depriving yourself of rest can lead to insufficiency or low productivity from you during the day. For instance, you can’t expect someone who was awake for 2 nights to be more efficient, right? Therefore, sleep deprivation can affect your body system which could reduce your efficiency.

Solution: Get enough rest in order to be efficient when performing a task.

  • Distraction: Engaging in irrelevant activities will make you less focus to perform productively. Activities not pertaining to the task at that period would be regarded as distractions.

Solution : Ignore things that distract you, schedule your day for every activity you intend to do, in order to manage your time well.

  • Laziness: Most people wouldn’t agree they are lazy but they are truly are. Laziness is the major reason for procrastination. It allows you to waste time, it enables you to do more task at limited time when the appropriate time has been wasted. This brings more pressure on you.

Solution : Endeavor to do every given task at appropriate time. Do not delay to avoid pressure.

Ways to overcome procrastination:

Identify why you procrastinate:

Find out what makes you procrastinate. When you have identified why you procrastinate, that will make it easy for you to avoid it and also to deal with it.

Challenge yourself:

Set up a task and stay committed to it.

Try dedicating a little task to yourself and at the end compensate yourself for how well you have completed the task, this will go a long way to assist you to deal with procrastination.

Set a timeframe:

Allowing yourself to complete a task within a time frame will keep you focused and aid in avoiding distraction.

For instance, if you will be doing your chores, duties, going or attending a meeting, make sure to work with time by saying “I must be done in 2 hours without exceeding this time because of other important things I have to attend to, like having a series(movie) to watch after.

Consider working with a deadline at the back of your mind with every task you choose to do. This would help to deal with procrastination.

Choose a role model:

Choose a role model that exhibits the lifestyle you want to see in you. You wouldn’t want to go for someone that’s lazy when you’re trying to stop being lazy. Imitate someone that’s dedicated and focus to keep you on the right track to avoid procrastination.

Believe in yourself:

Changes start with you. Believe in yourself that you can stop being lazy by doing relevant activities that needs to be done. Don’t sit there and expect changes, get up and commit yourself to a task that you can complete.

Make sure you stop procrastinating and engage yourself in only tasks that are necessary to save your time, strength and resources. Practice this daily and you would see yourself as a dedicated person and not as a procrastinator.

Be aware this is a gradual process that takes time so do not be hard on yourself.

Summary: Identify the reasons for procrastinating, deal with it and stay committed to every task by giving yourself time frame or deadline.

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Very good post about overcoming procrastination. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.


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