5 routines to do to stay committed

As we begin a journey or a task, it seems easy and stress free but as we proceed, we feel discouraged to continue especially when it’s overwhelming to our health, personality and so on and sometimes we may choose to continue by overcoming those challenges just because we remembered why we started the journey initially.

Knowing how to be committed even in the face of challenges can help you attain success of rising to a certain level in your career.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at why commitment is so ardous and how to stay committed even in the face of challenges.

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Why is commitment so challenging?

Possibly because of the inconvenience that comes along.

Truly, commitment is not as easy as it is always said because it requires you dedicating your time, resources and energy to something you’re aiming to achieve even when it’s overwhelming.

That’s why most successful people have a lot of experiences to share regarding the challenges they overcame of which people are ready to listen to with utmost faith of getting theirs done, but are they ready to face those challenges to achieve their goals?

Achieving a dream requires your full commitment to make it possible. Here’s a quote by Brian Tracy, which says;“You don’t have to be great to start but you can start and never stop to be great.”

Commitment arises when you’re determined to fulfill a dream regardless of every challenges that may arise. Challenges are transient and would end with time if only you’re determined to fulfill a dream

Behind every accomplishment, there was a decision, plan, commitment and challenges that came along of which successful people overcame through determination and commitment.

How challenges help to improve our lives;

You see, challenges are not meant to stop you from dreams actualisation even though it may be arduous, they’re meant to make you strong to withstand and manage your success when they come true.

Challenges arises as a measure to determine our rate of discipline when bigger situations come in place.

It helps to determine who we are going to be;

Your past does not define you but your present situation does by becoming what you practice daily. The challenges you face now are only meant to reshape you and that shape is determined on how you handle those challenges.

Belows are ways to stay committed even in the face of challenges;

Commitment can be achieved through the following ways;

1.Remember why you started

Remembering why you started is a simple way to help you stay committed. Keeping in mind what motivated you to start would keep you in line to continue even when it’s most difficult.

For instance, your source of motivation to become the best entrepreneur might be from watching or listening to how successful business men made it in spite the challenges, so while it might be challenging to continue because of low income rate, less patronage from your prospects or customers, the questions are; How do you resolve this? Do you quit or continue?

The best way to deal with issues arising like this, is to:

  1. Get up of your comfort zone, seek ideas from higher or successful business men who went through such, learn from them and be ready to apply those ideas in to your daily activities.
  2. Practice compartmentalization which means the ability to remain efficient while experiencing tough times. Your tough times might be experienced at home, place of work, among group or association but the ability to retain or become productive is a very important skill to cultivate to achieve commitment towards your goals.

2.By making suitable plans that keeps you committed;

Learn to prioritize what’s most important and set aside what’s not necessary – Brian Tracy.

Reschedule your plans to make the best out of every day. As a business man aiming to get great income at the end of the month, reform your mode of events each week, manage your time before each day ends to get a stipulated income targeted for that day.

Your plans should be one that cuts out procrastination away and puts in commitment. Set a target, affirm it and work towards it.

3. Mingle with those with same minded vision as yours:

Like-minded people are people with same visions whose plans are set aside to accomplish their vision.

Mingling or choosing to interact with those whose plans are to fulfill their visions is another method for commitment.

You can choose to mingle with someone who motivates you especially when you feel there’s need for procrastination. Check out how to avoid delaying task

4. Search for major or important resources before starting;

When necessary elements are available to start a project, this encourages you to finish up a task without having to divert.

When the project commences, supporting elements can easily be acquired because major aspect of the task has been done and commitment is achieved through this.

5. Be ready to overcome challenges that want to stop you from commiting to achieving your dream:

This might sound unreasonable when you’re trying to solve those challenges stopping you from staying committed, right? But it’s actually true, because you can easily get over any thing you’re already prepared for. So having in mind that other challenges might arise which might stop you , would enable you to overcome on time..


Skills to practice to stay committed even in the face of challenges

The more committed you’re to your goals, the easier and better it attract elements or resources that hasten your steps to achieving your goals faster.

While you may not know how to resolve and conquer those challenges driving you away from staying committed, you will know the skills to practice which are,

  • Remember why you started
  • Define your schedule
  • Mingle with like-minded people
  • Get your major or important resources beforehand
  • Be ready to face challenges

Follow this process over and over again to overcome procrastination and you will eventually and stay committed.

Always remember that no matter how challenging it may be during the process, other people have faced more of which they overcame.




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