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Affiliate marketing| Benefits|how to choose the best

Affiliate marketing is another most trusted way to earn even at home and while sleeping, you don’t need to be active while doing this. All you need is a target audience. Interesting, right? Let’s dive in.

I would start by asking, do you know you can become an affiliate for some brands even without having a website? Not all would request for a website before you can promote their products. So try becoming an affiliate with some brands.

Most affiliate earn more just promoting products and getting commission when the product is sold. They earn incredibly more than you can imagine even with no website or low traffic.

You might be wondering, why will affiliate marketing be under a “Personal development blog?” To 
make this clear, click here to find out why.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a Brand’s products like Amazon’s products and inturn getting a commission or certain percentage from the profit when the products have been sold.

Affiliate marketing program can be done online or without any social media (offline).

Online based affiliate marketing program involves promoting a product with your unique referral link which directs the buyer to the Brand’s site and inturn getting a commission when the product is bought in the site using that link.

Offine affiliate marketing does not require a referral link because it’s not done using any social media platform instead the buyer meets the affiliate directly for information concerning the product being promoted.

Who is an affiliate?

Affiliate is someone who promotes a product and gets a commission after the product is sold.

When you sell a product whether offline or online on behalf of a brand or a business, then you are an affiliate.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

There are awesome benefits to get as an affiliate especially when you have those who are ready to purchase those products you’re promoting.

  1. No investment cost

You don’t need any money to start up affiliate marketing program or becoming an affiliate for a brand.

This is one of the reasons most people love affiliate marketing program.

2. It broadens your Niche

Most people who feels like their niche is too narrow and want to broaden or add more life to it, affiliate marketing can be method to cover that area.

You can do this, by promoting a product similar to niche when writing about a topic in your blog.

For instance, as a lifestyle blogger or beauty blogger when writing on make-up daily routine, it’s advisable to recommend or provide your audience with these products for effective make-up routine.

This is a strategy used by bloggers to broaden, bring more traffic, promote more products and get more commission.

3. Low or no risk attached

Since no money is involved, there would be less risk involved also. Affiliate marketing program provides you with no risk instead more to benefit.

4. Earn based on referred buyers

With affiliate marketing, it allows you to earn when anyone buys a product through your referral link.

You don’t necessarily need to be active before a buyer get a product through your unique link, all you need is to display the link on any platform or social media you are promoting the product so as to direct the buyer.

5. Traffic rate is not considered

You might be worried how this would not be considered. It won’t be considered, what would be considered here is, Your target audience: who are you selling to? who comes to your blog? how well would they love those products you intend promoting? Those are what will be considered in affiliate marketing.

What to consider before choosing an affiliate program

  1. Your Niche

What do you discuss about in your blog or when blogging? Is it fashion tips or lifestyle? Then, why not consider displaying and promoting dresses your audience would like to get when they come to your blog.

This is one of the things to consider before choosing which affiliate program is good for your blog.

ShareAShare is a good affiliate program to choose because it provides you with products for different specialization—Technology products, beauty products, wears, and so on.

2. Your target audience

Amongst numerous write ups in your blog which one do you know your audience love to read or which one gets you more views or likes?

After finding out that, try promoting a product from an affiliate program that suits you when writing on such topic, this would broaden and give more life to that blog.

3. Commission rate

How impressive and encouraging is this commission for me to product this product, should be considered before promoting a product.

Amazon provides you with impressive commission rate when you product their products.

Affiliate programs to choose

Affiliate marketing on Fiverr allows social media promotion. You can promote their products on social media and still get a commission.

Check how to be an affiliate for Fiverr.


Affiliate marketing gives more benefits to those who are ready to promote a product, so why not become one to benefits from these;

1.No investment

2. Broadens your niche

3. Low or no risk attached

4. Earn daily

5. Traffic rate not considered.

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