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Earning Respect

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Those who ask or force respect end up being disrespected. That states that there’s a difference between “earning and seeking for respect”.

Realizing how much you deserve respect maybe from friends, Co-worker, family, etc but still don’t get it, can bruise your ego but you should always remember that “respect is not forced but earned” and can be earned through these steps provided in this blog.

So let’s begin by defining Respect. What does it mean to you? How would you explain it to a kid?

To me, Respect is regard and value placed on someone/somethings of which this may be due to their possessions, status, age difference, personality, etc.

Moreover, your character/attitudes most times determines the level of respect you earn from others and i think we all know that, right? Notwithstanding, below are ways to earn respect you deserve;

How to earn respect:

1. Self-Respect:

I have come to understand that Self respect can only come to play after realizing your Self worth and Self love.

Self respect is a self value from identifying one’s worth. Self respect teaches people how to treat you in the manner you’re treating yourself, because Self love is equivalent to self respect. The measure of love you give to yourself determines how much value and respect you deserve.

So, begin now by loving and respecting yourself.

2. Show respect:

Based on psychology, respecting others and those who don’t even deserve respect, is a smart way to train people in the way they should treat you.

3. Be more of a listener than a speaker:

Not everyone understands this, but they know this is a fact. “When you provide listening ears to your speaker, you gain more information and your answers would be based on substantial( creative) reasoning.”

Have you ever noticed in any gathering, that those who give smart opinions are sometimes the last to speak after which they must have reflected on every opinions and compared their ideas with others?

So by emulating this habit, your opinions will be considered valuable and in turn you earn respect.

4. Present yourself the way you want to be addressed:

First impression matters, so dress and communicate in the manner you’d love to be approached.

5.Take the lead:

Take charge of some responsibilities in your workplace, at home and wherever you find yourself. Learn to display leadership skills, don’t be a follower all the time.

6. Be busy:

Create meaningful time for yourself, develop yourself physically and mentally and try not to be available all the time.

Note: When you’re absent at the moment you’re genuinely needed, next time you’re present, you will be appreciated.

7. Be generous:

Do you know that being kind increases your self-confidence? Psychologically, humans tend to give respect to those who are generous to them.

So going out of your comfort zone to help others is one of the best ways to earn respect but they’re limitations to that to avoid being taken for granted.

Note: Give within your capacity and give generously without expecting something in return.

8. Have your own standards and always keep to your words:

Be decisive, “learn to say no” and mean it. Have your standards, let people know you for who you’re. According to Dr. Phyllis Wakefield, “keeping your words is Paramount to feeling a sense of mastery, empowered and trustworthy”.

Those who keep to their words tend to be more valued compared to those who break promises.

Check out: How to be committed even in the face of challenges, this would help you to keep to your words easily.

This is a guide to stop you from pleasing anyone instead do what is pleasing to you/what is always right!

9. Do what you love with pride:

In this recent time, it’s of no sense to abandon what you love to pursue someone’s else dream because at the long run you’d end up telling someone else’s story.

In every of your actions, do no try to please anyone! I think it’s better you change your orientation to “it’s pleasing me or it’s pleasant to me to do this rather than I am pleasing someone.” You trying to please everyone is a very very big waste of time, trusts me!

10. Act like a role model:

A role model is one whose lifestyle influences others. A positive role model is always given due respect because he/she practices these above steps and displays exceptional (complimentary) attitudes towards life.

Keeping in mind that you want to be a role model makes you act according to your own standard without trying to fit in someone’s shoe/ lifestyle because you now know you’re laying down a significant example in someone else’s life.


During the process of practicing these steps, which are:

  1. Self respect
  2. Show respect
  3. Be more of a speaker than a listener
  4. Present yourself the way you’d be addressed
  5. Take the lead
  6. Be busy
  7. Be generous
  8. Have your own standards and always keep to your words
  9. Do what you love with pride
  10. Act like a role model

You’d realize your attitude attracts not just everyone but those with great sense of value, who are ready to give you due respect.

However, you can lose your respect even after practicing these steps above when you ask the wrong person for help. So, when next you need help, ask those who are capable and will be willing to do.

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Very good post about earning respect. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.


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