These are collection of amazing and great books i have read and I have decided to share and save them here.

Endeavor to read and make them impactful.

The Smart Money Woman

The Smart Money Woman – A novel on finances management. Read more




A book by Michelle Obama. Read more


Living beyond your feelings

A book by Joyce Meyer.

Read more


Big Friendship

BIG FRIENDSHIP: A novel on how to keep your relationship (friendships) growing even when challenges arise.


The Defining Decade

The value your twentysomething (20s) years has to offer to the world.

I love this particular book so much, it’s one of my favorite books that I have read.

In this book, a clinical psychologist, explains why you should make better advantage of your twenty years (20s) rather than wait till post twentysomething.

Read more



A book on defining your state of consciousness.

How much would you love to identify your Egoic mind pattern, your state of consciousness or unconsciousness? If you want to, then download the book and experience your true identity.

In this book, Eckhart Tolle, explained how humans unconsciously act based on their ego and pain body ( your past pains).

He also described ways on how to live beyond attaching yourself to your ego/pain body and how to act consciously.


What I know for sure

An inspiration from Oprah Winfrey.

This book entails inspiration and motivation from Oprah Winfrey has she explains how her life was and how it is now.


Seat of the Soul:

A book on living beyond your emotions: It explains how you should connect with your soul to guide you rather than your personality. Get the book to understand better. You will be happy you did.


Self compassion

Read in this book: What self compassion really means and how it’s achieved.

Kristen Neff explains in different ways how Self compassion is the only way to loving one’s uniqueness.

Read about the author here: Kristen Neff

Enjoy Reading!


Smart Women finish Rich

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