Identifying one’s

Being yourself doesn’t make you less human or unrecognized.

You see people will always want you to be like them, want you shut you up or down when your standards are high. What will make you different is if you choose to remain who you’re and people will love you for that.

These are characters that will single you out among others:

  1. Show respect to everyone even to those younger to you. Everyone deserves to be respected.

2. Know your worth. When someone doesn’t value you, it’s better to step back from such relationship than begging for respect or honour. It is not called “Disrespect”, instead it’s called identifying one’s value.

3. Be decent in the way you communicate,relate and dress. It brings honour and respect to you.

If you want me to talk more on this, please comment. Your comments and likes goes a long way.

2 replies on “Inspiration”

Excellent post!

It takes a lot of self love, confidence, and strength to genuinely be one’s self.

People are threatened by a person who is not afraid to go against the norm and who will not allow others persuade or intimidate them.

Treat others with courtesy. At the same time take up for oneself when need be. Never let anyone walk all over you or put you down.

Never care about what others say or think about you because God always knows the truth, and what others say or think does not count.

Embrace one’s distinction, be proud, and live life to the best of ability with good intentions.


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