5 Easiest ways to be content with the little you have

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You might be asking yourself;

How do I stay contented even when I don’t have enough?

The truth is, you can not have enough if you’re not content with the ones you have.

Maybe you’re thinking, you need to get this trendy clothes before you will be satisfied. The simple fact about this is, life will never stop giving you reasons to become better, to do more or explore. So why not practice contentment instead of running after those.

What is Contentment?

Contentment is deriving happiness in what we do, what we have, and who we are presently. Contentment is generating self satisfaction when we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have.

When I say be content with what you have, do I actually mean you should not try to achieve more, improve better or set more goals in life?

Being contented and grateful for the life you have, will always keep you in the better place to benefits more from life.

Happiness within you attracts positivity to your life. Positivity like the job you desire, better friends and good state of mind.

Let’s do this simple analogy;

If contentment is happiness, while discontentment is sadness and happiness attracts positivity to you while sadness attracts negativity like jealousy, envy and unnecessary anger. Then it’s better to be content with what we have so as to attract positivity.

5 habits to cultivate to stay contented
  1. Accept who you are
  2. Don’t compare
  3. Learn to see things from the bright side
  4. Have a right mindset
  5. Do what you love

1. Accept who you are:

Self acceptance is a better way to build self esteem and contentment.

Self acceptance is loving oneself inspite of one’s insecurities. Be self aware or identify what your insecurities are and improve on it. check out how to handle insecurities in our previous post.

Accepting who you are after identifying your insecurities and allowing the silent and whispering voices speak would build self contentment.

2. Don’t compare:

Comparison is only done when you’re trying to point out between two or more which is better than the other.

So when we compare ourselves to other people, it’s either we feel bad, that is, (jealousy, envy or low self-esteem) or good about it, that is, (pride).

Comparing ourselves to people based on how they appear, their income, etc without putting into consideration, their struggles, work and experiences would never make a fair comparison.

3. Learn to see things from the bright side:

Seeing life from the brighter side, will allow us to appreciate all the good things we have worked for and achieved.

This enables us to enjoy the present situation we are, instead of dwelling on what we don’t have.

In every situation you might find yourself, always be grateful for what you have.

I Know you want that shoe but believe me appreciating this one you have, is the only way to stay happy because life is a never ending cycle.

It would always provide you more and better shoes for you to aspire to get, so why not derive happiness from this wonderful shoe you have got.

4. Have a right mindset:

Learn to be the master of your mind. Try to understand that there’s no perfect life even though it appears as such.

Keeping in mind this thought of, how better your friend is than you’re, would only push you to run a race that’s not for you.

Choosing to be content with the life you have, will also make people appreciate the kind of life you live also.

Always remember:

“A contented life is a happy life.”

5. Do what you love:

Involving yourself with what you love would give a better chance to be contented compared to doing what you don’t love.

For instance, when you’re happy dancing there would be no room to envy anyone because it’s what you love to do and you will be happy to be great at doing it.

These are the best ways to achieve contentment with little resources.


Contentment is a principle with discipline which must be made as a habit for a continuous happy life.

Always learn to be grateful for the life you have. Stop the habit of discontentment and comparison because no life is perfect and start enjoying the importance of showing gratitude to God.

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3 Secrets to sustain relationship – Get a book to guide you

Relationships with loved ones especially with those who understands us, predicts and notice any change in our moods or character are the ones most cherished and we’ll always wish it would last forever.

When we speak of these cherished moments, we would say the times I had my first hangout with a real friend, the moment my friend(s) and I did secret things no one knew about, the times my friend(s) and i fought over little issues, the moments I would love to have again, the times..…. and times to always remember.

It’s often said “when you find real friends, keep them because it’s hard to find one.” Friends who are real, free to discuss and share major ideas to build themselves are admired and valued but how do they sustain this amazing friendships?

Valuing a relationship is the key to sustaining it.

Oyinsunkanmi’s ideas

Find out if you value the relationship:

When you value or cherish something so much even when others don’t see it that way, you still tend to give more time and show more affection towards that thing because you know how important it is to you.

For instance, when you got your new shoes you have always wanted vs the one you don’t like maybe as a gift or you bought it yourself, the difference in maintenance the shoes got was because of the value you placed on it.

So if you don’t value a relationship you wont invest more effort to build and strengthen it but if the relationship means the world to you try sustaining and maintaining it with these steps:

Sustain a relationship with these steps

Communicate honestly:

What do i mean by honest communication? Honest communication is sharing each other’s thoughts, ideas and feelings with truthful intentions.

A relationship is sustainable when partners are free to share their thoughts or ideas when communicating. Being truthful and free to discuss with your friend or partner how they can be better or how both of you can be better versions of yourself can help sustain the relationship.

Choosing to trust your friend means they are reliable and you’re confident that their actions are tolerable.

Oyinsunkanmi’s ideas

Develop trust:

If you cherish every moment you have spent with your friend(s) then choose to be honest with your partner in actions and words in order to gain their trust.

Trust can be developed and maintained when honest communication is experienced in a relationship.

Accept them:

Accepting your partner for who they are and not trying to change them but improving them is a way to keep a relationship going. Acceptance yields respect when it is emulated.

Appreciate their opinions, do not condemn them instead discuss better on how that may serve as a benefit to solve every other problems.

Sustaining a relationship with amazing friend(s) is a great way to keep the precious moments to always happen.

There are times when you both disagreed on same issues and it seems like you wanted to end it but if you take your time to reflect on those issues(moments) you will find out they actually united you more, so trust those moments they are always remembered to be the best part of a relationship.

Get a book to guide you through maintaining your relationship with your friend(s)

Book appreciation: by Ariel levy

“In this openhearted book, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman show us how a friendship can be as rewarding and enduring as a marriage, and they urge us to value it accordingly—as they clearly do. An inspiration.”
—Ariel Levy, author of “The Rules Do Not Apply.”